Glueberry O.G. Feminised – 3 PACK


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The Glueberry O.G. has a strong Kush aroma and fruity flavor

Glueberry OG is a hybrid indica/sativa strain with piney and earthy tones, a peppery taste and a fruity twist.


Glueberry O.G. buds are rock hard

The buds are very dense, expect rock hard THC rich nuggets. Glueberry OG is an indica/sativa hybrid. She is easy to grow, extremely potent and resinous with a deliciously powerful feel-good high.

Glueberry O.G. is an easy-to-grow plant

Glueberry OG is easy to grow. She is a tough strain suitable to grow outdoors in different climates. Of course, you can also grow her indoors where she delivers prize-winning results. Indoor growers should note that Glueberry OG can produce very large, dense buds. Good air circulation is important to reduce the chance of bud rot in warm/humid conditions.

Glueberry O.G. effects

Glueberry OG is a crossing from a mix of Indica and Sativa dominant strains. The effects of Indica strains are very relaxing, providing a heavy body relaxation. While the Sativa effects are more uplifting and give a strong psychoactive cerebral high. In comparison to the Blueberry strain, Glueberry OG has a stronger effect and is a little less sweet.


Breeder: Dutch Passion
Seed Type: Photoperiodic
Sex: Feminized
Genetics: (Gorilla Glue #4 X OG Kush) x Blueberry
 Very High
CBD: 0.10%
Yield: High
Flowering time: 8 Weeks
Variety: Indica Dominant Hybrid 
Environment: Indoors, Outdoors, Greenhouse