About Online Grow Shop

We at Online Grow Shop have researched far and wide to make sure that we offer the new and up and coming South African Growers market the top of the range in both HID and LED grow lights.

We specifically chose to only stock the Nanolux range of HID grow lights – Designed in the USA , Nanolux have developed a reputation for having the cutting edge new technology as well as reliability that includes a full 3 year warranty as well as new cutting edge technology that is not yet offered by other lighting companies. The Nanolux Cloud Control System is by far the best and most user friendly control system currently available , their 1000w Hps de fixture has the highest luminous output of any 1000w de fixture including the Gavita’s and Nanolux was the fist lighting producer to offer the Ceramic Metal Halide Fitting in a 1000w option. This as well as the DE CHILL , 2 x 600w DE fixture and the extremely cost effective 1000w OG fixture made the choice of lighting supplier a no brainer ! As they say at Nanolux ,

if Nanolux doesn’t have the lighting solution for you , you do not need it !

Nanolux , technologically superior

Our Led quantum boards are the most efficient and best performing led grow lights currently on the market. The V3 quantum boards are made up of Samsung lm301b diodes (best currently available) as well as additional red and ir chips to aid in flowering. These lights are game changers when it comes to led grow lights. Their performance , power , efficiency , wavelength and extremely low running temperaturesmade them a hit across the international grow scene immediately with overseas suppliers battling to keep up with the demand. Our Led quantum boards are assembled locally using only international parts such as Meanwell drivers and Samsung diodes. Don’t be fooled by cheap Chinese led grow lights or other purple / blurple leds such as the mars hydro and others……..These quantum boards are on another level completely and will outperform the competition with ease !

Keep an eye on this site as we plan to offer additional items to our shop soon as we have been inundated with requests for products such as , Grow Tents , Fans and Extractors , Hydro systems and Feeds,

Thanks for all the support in getting us off our feat and up and running ! We hope to keep providing our customers with the best in new LED and HID grow light technology as well as other cutting edge hydro products soon !